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The state company for inspection & engineering rehabilitation (sier) is a general company, self-financed, participates in backing up the national economy scientifically & technically through designing & consulting in the fields of engineering industries according to trusted international standardization.

Company foundation:

  • The state company for inspection & engineering rehabilitation (SIER) Formerly (the specialized institute for engineering industries) has been established by the Iraqi law no.128/1972 with the objective of serving the engineering industries through improving their technological capabilities.
  • It started functioning since august /1973.
  • In April /1978 the SIEI signed an agreement of technical co-operation with UNDP(the united nations development program ) and UNIDO(the united nations industrial development organization)under which the institute had the technical  support,staff training and the assistance of international consultants and experts in various technical fields .
  • According to the Iraqi companies law no.142/1998,The institute became a general company, managed by board of directors, has an independent budget and freedom in decision making.
  • The institute includes specialized engineering and technical staff.
  • The institute was renamed to be the State Company for inspection and engineering rehabilitation (SIER) by the ministry of industry and minerals law no.38/2011.

The company aims to achieve the followings objectives:

  • The main objectives of the company are especially todevelop the Iraqi industries.
  • Improving the quality and increasing the quantity.
  • Helping industrial companies to solve their technical problems.
  • Upgrading the knowledge about the importance of good quality.
  • Habilitation of companies according to ISO (international organization for standardization) in different domains including implementation of required training courses for rehabilitation and education of employees.
  • Promote and develop capabilities in production technology and designing of tools and engineering molds.
  • Making designs for new products and developing the design for current products
  • Developing the national resources by developing the industrial production according to the international safety and quality measurements and standards.
  • Control   the industrial and   imported materials and its compliance to the international standards.
  • Limit industrial and commercial forgery.
  • Meeting the Iraqi market needs regarding the quality and quantity and engineering inspection.
  • The contribution in projects of reconstruction of Iraq in all domains.