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State Company for Inspection and Engineering Rehabilitation activities

Institute an effective role in the development of industry through the the

services provided to all companies, the ministry and other ministries and

private sector. It is the most important work provided by the Institute is


 1 - Preparation of feasibility studies and economic development of various industrial projects and advising on the study of problems and constraints and remove bottlenecks in the projects, factories and existing installations.
 2 - Provide technical assistance and advisory services to companies of all types and sizes under the requirements of International Standard (ISO 9001-2008) in the area:
- primary evaluation studies for quality management systems.
- Provide technical assistance and advisory services to companies of different kinds of topics in rehabilitation.
- Establishment of scientific programs and applied in the rehabilitation of internal auditors of quality under the International Standard
(ISO 19011-2002).

  3 - Preparation of the basic designs by it or by contracting with other parties and the preparation of detailed designs and plans for projects undertaken by the execution company under an agreement between them.

4 - Contribute to the rehabilitation of production lines and carry out maintenance, inspection and operation of engineering projects and factories inside and outside Iraq, whether through the full implementation and through supervision and technical advice as well as participation in Iraq reconstruction projects.

5 - Human resource development and training.

6 - the tests of materials and certification testing their own in order to expand in this area, which includes various materials (construction, chemical and electrical).

The SIER project intends to assist the GoI in the rehabilitation of important economic infrastructure and assets. Under SIER, UNIDO will provide direct support for the rehabilitation of the Specialized Institute for Engineering Industries (SIER), which due to the war and subsequent sanctions has suffered extensive damage, including the total or partial destruction of its laboratories and production workshops. The successive conflicts have also hindered its technical capacities and access to new information on modern technologies, international standards and quality assurance systems. Once completed the SIER will be able to assist Iraqi industries with the application of national standards and adaptation of international standards to their needs, to carry out proper quality assurance activities and testing of industrial products and to seek international recognition of its competence through accreditation.